About Letterpress

Letterpress in Tampa, FL. How our Seminole Heights studio was born and what we love to do.


Mon Petit Paper Co.


Tampa (Seminole Heights), FL 33603


No. (321) 432-9097


Mon Petit Paper Co. prints out of a small letterpress studio owned and operated by Seraphim Serifs, in Seminole Heights, FL.  The Tampa letterpress studio started with a few drawers of type and barely any knowledge of the letterpress world.  Since then, it has acquired several more cabinets of type, two presses and a bit of experience.  We mainly print off of a Chandler & Price 10X15 and a Vandercook Series 4 (interesting fact..the only British Vandercook in America).  These two print studios are run by husband & wife team, Phil & Sarah Holt.  

Mon Petit Paper Co. designs are made custom by Sarah, who has a never ending love for connecting with people over the fading and intimate beauty of printmaking.

To view more photos of the studio, work, and information about us, please visit www.seraphimserifs.com