Wedding Invitations

These custom wedding invitations were designed in-house. This process always starts with asking the bride for a basic idea of what she’s thinking? This may include a mood board, internet found inspiration, font concepts and requests, color schemes, or in this case, “sunflowers” was the only request. I wanted to create something light and bright as the couple was oh-so-sweet! I wanted to keep the invitations classic and beautiful. We went through a few different font options until the bride was beyond excited with every bit of the layout and fine details. The invitation color was Pantone matched to the square flap “lemon drop” envelopes; chosen for their cheery vibe.

Working with a client on every detail is one of my favorite things. My passion for print is to make sure everything I create fits my client(s) perfectly, whether it’s an invitation, a business card or stationery.

The print should speak something about you to the person receiving it and that is a beautiful thing, a lost art I love to be able to share.

Let’s make something beautiful together!