Luxury Letterpress Stationery

Why is letterpress important? Is it making a comeback?

It may seem ironic to be talking about the importance of letterpress stationery while typing on a computer. Granted typing on a computer is much faster than setting lead type by hand. LOL! I like to embrace both as equally valuable. The digital age has exemplified why letterpress is so important and as I talk to my clients across the board, I’m thankful for people who support and understand the importance of keeping the craft alive. Printed media is becoming more and more rare and I think that makes it more important, more cherished and appreciated. With the power of the computer and traditional printing methods combined, we’re really able to elevate the craft of branding and personalization (digital design) and because it’s so rare printed, you recognize it more. Think about the last time you went into a fancy coffee shop, in Tampa we’re lucky because they’re popping up everywhere;). Think about the bag of beans on the shelf or the chocolate bar on the shelf. Were you drawn to the branding? Was there tactile printing on the bag? Could you feel it? Was it letterpress? Was it beautiful? I love seeing how designers and businesses work together to create something beautiful, to create every aspect of their product with intention. I love it when I get to be a part of it.

I equally love creating with this intention for people to use personally, like this set of custom stationery I crafted for friends who recently got married. Luxury paper, tactile printing, envelope liners and envelopes that matched their wedding invitations. Being able to send friends something crafted so intentionally that they want to keep it (event he envelope! haha). They wonder how it was made while thumbing over the deep impression.

Letterpress is making a come back and trust me every printer and paper company is thankful for those that support keeping our passions and this tradition alive.

Sarah Holt